How quickly do the mats reach working temperature?

The Amorphous Metal ribbon will reach optimum operating temperature much quicker than other electric UFH systems. Typically around 3 - 4 minutes

Do the mats come in different sizes?

Yes. Mats are supplied in either 0.5m or 1.0m widths and vary in length from 1.0m to 7.0m (in 0.5m increments). All mats should be secured to the insulation material using either duct tape, carpet tape or double sided tape.

Will the heat mats generate sufficient heat to be a primary heat source?

If the heat mats cover around 80% of the total floorspace and there are acceptable levels of insulation in your room , AHT's underfloor heating system should be all you need to heat your room to acceptable levels.

Can I fit the UFH myself?

Fitting of the UFH mats is relatively easy and can be carried out by any competent person – though a suitably qualified electrician should carry out all electrical connections, testing and commissioning.

All mats should be secured to the insulation material using either duct tape, carpet tape or double sided tape.

What is the warranty period?

ΑΗΤ  provide a fifteen year manufacturers warranty with each AHT Underfloor Heating System providing the system has been laid in accordance with the ΑΗΤ installation guide supplied .

Must I have an RCD (circuit breaker) fitted to the system?

Yes. For safety compliance a 30Ma RCD must be fitted to the system.

How is each room’s temperature controlled?

Each room/area should have it’s own thermostat. This provides superb flexibility and allows much greater system efficiency

Can I fold or cut the mat?

No. Mats come in a variety of sizes to fit most spaces and cannot be cut, split or folded.

Can the mats overlap each other on the floor?

No. There should be a gap of 50mm between each mat.

Should the mats cover the whole floor area?

Effective heating requires 80% or more of the floor area to be covered (the higher the coverage, the quicker the response time will be). Mats should not be fitted within 100mm of any wall or within 150mm of any fireplace or hot water pipe

Can I lay mats under my shower tray/WC/bath?

AHT’s UFH mats should not be fitted under fixed/heavy items as this will cause the mats to overheat and eventually fail.

Why should the system be tested BEFORE fitting the floor covering?

The system should be tested to detect any faults/damage prior to laying the floor covering. This makes it easier to take any remedial action necessary and shows the system is in perfect working condition prior to handover (to floor fitter/householder).

Can I walk on the mats as I am fitting them?

The mats are extremely robust but we would recommend using old cardboard or plastic sheeting etc to place on top of your UFH system, particularly in areas of high traffic.

Why isn’t the system laid in a screed as most other UFH systems are?

It doesn’t need it!

Standard UFH is achieved with a cable (or water pipe) embedded into a concrete screed. This means that a large percentage of heat generated is used in heating the concrete – no the room! This results in higher power consumption; much slower reaction to thermostatic control and makes maintenance extremely difficult (if not impossible).

Because the AHT  Amorphous Metal ribbon operates at much lower temperatures over a larger area, this allows the system to be installed below the floorcovering but without the requirement for a screed (a considerable cost saving). This means you get a more efficient and more responsive system that heats up in minutes – not hours!

What are “Grounding Nets” and when should I use them?

Grounding nets are an earthing facility consisting of a fine metal mesh (0.6mm thick) connected to a 3m length of earth cable which sits on top of a heat mat and connected to the property’s earth. Grounding nets are required in wet areas such as bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites. Grounding nets are also required in kitchens, but only above heat mats that are within 0.5m of any white goods (oven, fridge, dishwasher etc.) or any sink/tap